Star April (Cantonese) - 繁星四月
It is difficult to go out with someone when your face is known everywhere. YeFan Xing (Qi Wei) is a recognized actress wherever she goes. She tried to be the best girl for her mother after the terrifying death of her little sister 10 years ago.
FanXing is in secret with a brilliant businessman Xiao Han (Nicky Wu) but their relationship is not easy because of Fan Xing's glory and other family concerns.
XiaoHan's nephew,  Fu Xia (Ren Yan Kai) falls in love with Fan Xing until he discovers the relationship that unites him with his uncle. Meanwhile,Mi Si Yue (Zuo Hang) becomes Fan Xing's best friend but secretly falls in love with Xiao Han. 
When Fan Xing will find out who is really Si Yue, what will happen to their relationship and family?
"April Star" is a Chinese drama series of 2017. Remake of a popular South Korean series of 2008: "Women in the Sun".