The Legends of Chong Er - 重耳傳奇
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A story about Chong'er's unwavering determintion for the sake of his country and the emotional sometimes heart-wrenching relationships formed with Qi Jiang, Li Ji, Ying Yue and Ji Wei. 

 Since he was young, Chong'er (Henry Wang) was widely-read and had an insatiable thirst for learning. He is humble, kind to others and highly talented which is why many people have chosen to follow his lead. Chong'er loves his country and has thought of many ways to help the people. However, he becomes the victim of a conspiracy cooked up by corrupt officials.  

 Li Ji (Mai Di Na) hopes for Xi Qi to become the Crown Prince so she plots to bring down the current Crown Prince. She also plots against Chong'er and Yi Wu (Zhang Yi Shan) who were forced to flee. Jin Xian Gong (Tan Kai) assumes that Chong'Er and Yi Wu were guilty as charged, so he sends men after them. Chong'Er then went into exile for ten over years, surviving many attempts on his life and building relationships with neighboring states. Having tasted the hardships of life, he learns to empathize with the people to become a kind but effective ruler. 

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