My True Friend - 我的真朋友
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A story that revolves around real estate agents and how through every single property, they bear witness to the joys and sadness surrounding different families. Cheng Zhen Zhen is a straightforward person who wears her heart on her sleeves. Together with Shao Peng Cheng, a young man who hides his real identity as the only son of the company president, they apply to work at Love and Family as entry-level associates. They get assigned to be each other's partner and through their job, they learn many things about life and love.

 性格率真、待人处事掏心掏肺的“房产中介菜鸟”程真真(杨颖Angelababy饰)与一身纨绔子弟习气却隐瞒身份的爱与家总裁独生子邵芃橙(邓伦饰),在卖房过程中结识高冷寡言的国际知名室内设计师井然(朱一龙饰)及其母亲白阿姨(许娣 饰),三个年轻人通过买房卖房租房见证都市各阶层人情冷暖,并为改善中国居民居住环境、造福社会人民而携手奋进的故事。