Dear Marriage - 親愛的婚姻
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Because of disagreements over the house, Wang Keke had a big fight with her younger husband-to-be on their wedding day. Consequently, she finds it difficult to maintain a happy marriage and feels that she is losing control over her own life. Hoping to find herself again, she decides to return to the workforce. 

 Wang Keke (Liu Tao) and Li Xiaojun (Ma Tianyu) already bought a house prior to getting married, but for whatever reason, Li Xiaojun only put his own name on the house deed without Wang Keke's knowledge. She got so mad when she found out that she ran out of her own wedding.  

 When things calmed, they eventually work things out. Xiaojun's mom urges Wang Keke to have kids soon. She tries to find her way out by looking for a high-paying job where she can prove her abilities. Wang Keke finds a job with Li Xiaojun's boss and they become colleagues. Furthermore, she excels at work and becomes Xiaojun's boss. Work problems invade their marriage and puts their marriage to the test.