Lovely Swords Girl - 恋恋江湖
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Set in a fictional history rife with conflict and chaos, the story revolves around a sappy young woman who doesn't forget to laugh and chases after true love even as she gets caught in a love triangle. Through her journey, she grows into a loving person and thwarts an evil scheme in the pugilistic world.  

While her heart yearned for love, Sheng You meets not one but two men. On one side is Gong Yuanxiu, her foolish husband who hastily married her for her looks. He may be muddleheaded in most things but he is extremely loving and protective of Sheng You. One the other side is Aide Yushu, her childhood friend and the master of a sect. Having loved Sheng You for many years, he is willing to give up everything for her sake, even his life. 

In the face of two very real, unique and different kinds of love, the innocent Sheng You couldn't make sense of her feelings and finds it difficult to choose between two perfect men. Gong Yuanxiu and Aide Yushu may be rivals, but they are like brothers. Due to their closeness, they opened up to the idea that the three of them could get along! 

圣医派掌门的千金花痴少女于盛优一心渴望嫁个完美丈夫,不料,她“挑选”的丈夫——大公子宫远修外形虽俊美 ,却是一个“傻子 ”!而从小喜欢于盛优的竹马——重达400斤的鬼域门门主爱德御书也重新出现在了于盛优的生活里。在与两人的相处过程中,于盛优逐渐看到二人的闪光点。此时武林灭门案件频发,剧中正面人物决定找出幕后真凶,解救被抢走的孩子。在这过程中,女主于盛优一步步的成长,宫远修也阴差阳错恢复正常,爱德御书为了得到于盛优的心也减肥成功。在与宫远修和爱德御书共同挫败武林阴谋的同时,于盛优也最终明白了自己的心,在情感上她也不再犹豫 ,选择了自己的归宿。