Big White Duel - 白色強人
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Healthcare reform in Hong Kong is a controversial topic, the government plans to privatize public hospitals and raise funds to maintain operations. Marshall Paxton, a leading public hospital, has become a pilot for reform. Yeung Yat-to (Roger Kwok), the Deputy Chief Executive of Marshall Paxton and the head of Neurosurgery, has worked for 5 years and plans to make Marshall Paxton a listed company that earns more than 10 billion a year, consolidating his power. Tong Ming (Kenneth Ma), the head of Cardiothoracic Surgery, disagrees with Yat-to's plan of putting profits before patients, but is used by Marshall Paxton Chief Executive Lui Chung-hok (David Chiang) in his power struggle to oppose reform. Yat-to, Tong Ming and cardiothoracic surgeon Ching Lok-man (Ali Lee), A&E's So Yi (Natalie Tong), neurosurgeon Lui Oi-ling (Kelly Cheung), a group doctors wearing white robes, are not only fighting to save patients, but also human greed and lust for power.