Red Shoes - 빨강 구두
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The series revolves around Kim Jem Ma (So Yi Hyun),a daughter who has strong desire to take revenge from her heartless mother, who left her father and sick brother in search of love and desire for her success.

Min Hee Kyung (Choi Myung Gil)portrays a cold-hearted mother who abandoned her family after reunitingwith her first love. Kim Jem Ma has aim to find out the secrets relatedto her father’s death and avenge her mother. Yoon Gi Suk (Park Yoon Jae) does not believe in love due to betrayal by his wife, but falls in love with Kim Jem Ma. Yoon Hyun Suk (Shin Jung Yoon) is Yoon Gi Suk’s younger brother, with free soul and defiant charm.
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