Park-Jang's LOL (2020) -
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A couple with different tendency and different culture, and a couple who needs at least 1 hour to select a menu! Aside from these couples, a lot of couples are having trouble because of differences in their tastes, personalities, ages, and even biorhythms. Here are the ladies to take your worries away! Na Rae and Do Yeon, who call themselves a dating expert, plan a customized dating course for each couple and compete whose course is better. You can experience a future-oriented course of Na Rae who knows how to party and Do Yeon’s Jang Course this time. Through this customized counseling program for each couple, you can learn some dating tips, learn how party people hang out these days, and get to know popular places as well from the two dating experts. Any concerns about dating life are welcomed. Let Park and Jang take care of your concerns!