Miss No Good (Cantonese) - 不良笑花
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Jiang Xiao Hua is a funny girl that dresses bad and runs her family's accessories store. When fatty Jia Si Le returns from Japan, he surpriseseveryone with his lean and thin body. As Si Le asks Xiao Hua out, he also comments her style as a "Christmas Tree". Token offensively, Xiao Hua seeks for some help to change her bad style. She meets Tang Men a stylist, who had dropped his expensive, rare scissor in the cab he was sharing with Xiao Hua. Not agreeing to help Xiao Hua, she uses the scissor as a threat, announcing that she will break them if Tang Men does not agree to help her. On the other hand, Jiang Mi is the arranged fiancée of Jia Si Le, angry that Jia Si La is in love with Xiao Hua, sheuses Tang Men to distract Xiao Hua while she tries to get close with SiLe. As Tang Men distracts Xiao Hua, their relationship becomes strongerand stronger. Xiao Hua becomes confused of who she really loves... TangMen or Jia Si Le!